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If you’re in Connecticut, odds are you won’t be lonely — if you’re looking for others who have installed smartphone dating apps.

The Constitution State tops AVG Technologies‘ rankings of downloads-per-capita for Android dating apps such as Tinder, Match, OKcupid and Grindr for all of 2014.

Konveau, which enters beta in December, collects information and creates a personality test for event attendees to help identify others with similar interests.

Calling all single men and single women, we all understand how aggravating it can be when you want to go out on a Friday night with the intention of meeting someone whose company you enjoy, only to come home without anyone or, worse yet, no phone numbers.

Olamide Bamidele, from left, Alysia Sargent and Alexandria Willis founded Go Dutch Today, an app that matches people based on profile preferences, recommends date venues and has them split the costs of a date. Jackson, Blue Sky) A trio of Chicago women think they have a solution to any awkwardness linked to footing the bills for blind first dates.

Their Go Dutch Today mobile app removes expections that men pay for the dates and that women reciprocate with sex.

Underscored by a fear of being infected with the virus that causes AIDS and an overall cautiousness concerning intimate relationships, people who run dating services and other observers of the singles scene said they saw new conduct guidelines evolving.

Increasingly, they said, couples are inquiring about each other's sexual histories within the first few dates and requesting or volunteering to be tested for AIDS before they become sexually intimate.

Singles who have gotten fed up with wasting their hard earned cash, sexiest outfits, and their precious time by going out hoping to meet someone, flock to a free online dating site for these reasons: You might be intrigued by the idea of joining the throngs of singles who are joining a dating site in Connecticut, but there is something holding you back.

Maybe you’ve heard stories from others claiming that online dating wasn’t safe or the people who use these sites are the dregs of society searching for someone to take advantage of.

"Neither of us had any anxieties about getting tested.

Frankly, in the age of AIDS, if you care about someone, then it's something you shouldn't think twice about doing." Mr. Bartha, who are both 40 years old and plan to be married, reflect a change in dating patterns over the past three years.

Bartha for her telephone number, he said, she declined, saying she would rather get to know him first through discussion groups at the church. Bartha, a customer service representative for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Connecticut, went out to dinner with him. Siciliano said, the couple agreed that before the relationship went any further, they needed to get tested for AIDS.

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