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I've found that if one wishes to create a window using cv Named Window() and draw an image to it using cv Show Image(), then both the window creation call and image drawing call have to be in the same thread. it's not possible to create the window in the main program thread (for example, a class constructor), and then draw to it e.g. Yang ///////////////////////////////// cv Show Image in thread/callback Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to Open CV (and Win32 programming in general) and am still getting my head around it all, but I'm having a fairly major problem with image drawing that I hope someone could help with.I recommend handling the back and forth talk via global variables or some shared structure containing a "data valid" flag, a pointer to your Ipl Image, and some sort of "display complete" flag to support your two threads talking back and forth.

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The idea is to make a subtraction between a image and a black image, resulting in the first image.

Then, I may use the mask to change the image content.

Both images has size 360x360.// cv Mask.c# include # define SIZE 3int main (int argc, char** argv)The first code is OK, but it doesn't uses Laplace.

It's just a program that uses a simple mask (identity matrix mask). But when I try to execute it, the following error appears:[email protected]:trouble$Does anyone can help me?

However, Open Cv is offering some problems in the visualization department. I have an Ipl Image that I have constructed which is the next "frame" that I want to be displayed in the visualization window. do cv Save Image then everything runs really quickly and nicely and it prints out all the frames as they should be.

However, if I try to have a cv Named Window open (from the beginning of the program), to which I do cv Show Image and then cv Wait Key(1), the cv Wait Key takes almost 60 ms to run.It has C , C, Python and Java interfaces and supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, i OS and Android.Open CV was designed for computational efficiency and with a strong focus on real-time applications.A second thing I noticed is that with any window created using the above call, and also with the window that pops up by default when you start framegrabbing with cvcam without specifying your own window, moving the window (or even giving any other window focus for that matter) will cause it to stop updating its contents (even though cv Show Image() is still being called repeatedly), and just show solid white.The only way to get it to work again is to exit and restart the program. I've created 2 examples (below): cv Mask.c and cv Mask2.c.

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