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Your date will likely help inspire the next generation of cops. Police officers have partners on the job — and value loyal partners at home to support them, too.Blind dates can sometimes be a bit scary, but at least when you're meeting up with a cop for the first time they'll probably have some pretty interesting stories to share. Police officers don’t shy away from confrontation; they deal with it. Your friends may tease you about handcuffs and strip searches — and you probably won’t mind. Your date will know both the hidden gems and places to avoid in the neighborhoods he/she is assigned to. To excel at the job, a police officer’s personal integrity is an important quality. Your date should be a good driver — and probably knows all the traffic laws (and loopholes) in the area. Your date is trying to make the world — or at least the neighborhood — a better place.

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Our busy jobs and constant lack of time make dating a challenging thing, especially for those singles who work in uniform: firemen, nurses, stewardesses, etc.

It's especially hard when you have inconvenient shift working schemes that take up considerable time, or you spend a lot of time on business trips.

Please ensure that you are completely prepared when submitting your application and be aware that there may be some time between your application process and, if successful, your commencement date at the Academy.

For further information, register for a Pre-application Information Seminar.

Having this in mind, we created Uniform Dating to help you join the world of online dating and enter the community of uniformed professionals.

When you register with our dating site you will browse tons of profiles of other singles looking to meet people in uniform for flirting, online dating and relationships in real life.To apply to become a member of South Australia Police, please download and complete the following: Your personal details (name, date of birth and current address) will be published (including by electronic means) in the South Australia Police intranet site for confidential comment by serving South Australia Police employees.I'm a paralegal in the District Attorney's office in a big city.During the re-enactment Ms Connor was seen straddling the officer and appeared to pretend to strike him with a walkie talkie before the policeman mimed biting her on the thigh as she knelt next to him.During the re-enactment Ms Connor was seen straddling the officer and appeared to pretend to strike him with a walkie talkie.On February 23 people across New South Wales had the chance to go on a coffee date with a local police officer at dozens of events statewide.

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