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Purpose The purpose of this study was to describe Sub-Saharan African immigrants' health-illness transition experiences associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) self-management.Methods A qualitative description methodology was used in this study.

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Read More The safety and efficacy of pharmacologic and cellular transplantation strategies are currently being evaluated in people with spinal cord injury.

In studies of people with chronic spinal cord injuries, it is thought that functional recovery will be best achieved when drug or cell therapies are combined with rehabilitation protocols.

From Suspicion of Physical Abuse to Reporting: Primary Care Clinician Decision-Making. Sege R, Flaherty E, Jones R, Price L, Harris D, Slora E, Abney D, Wasserman R. Lee J, Wasserman R, Kaciroti N, Gebremariam A, Steffes J, Dowshen S, Harris D, Serwint J, Abney D, Smitherman L, Reiter E, Herman-Giddens M. Aldoory is currently part of a funded research project supported through the Health Enterprise Zone grant awarded Prince George’s County Health Department by the State of Maryland.

To report or not report: Examination of the initial primary care management of suspicious childhood injuries. Her role is to conduct community-based participatory research and develop a health literacy campaign for Capitol Heights, MD.

Her research is published in top journals, such as .

Aldoory serves as member of the Maryland State Health Care Commission's Health Information Exchange Policy Board and the Consumer Engagement Taskforce for the Maryland State Health Services and Cost Review Commission. She also is member of the Behavioral Health Workgroup of Prince George's County Health and Human Services and the Maryland Women's Coalition for Health Care Reform Advisory Committee.

Linda Aldoory was Endowed Chair and Director of the Herschel S. Ecological prevalence, genetic diversity, and epidemiological aspects of isolated from tomato agricultural regions of the Virginia Eastern Shore.

Another sponsored research initiative is funded by Atlantic General Hospital and Health System to integrate health communication concepts into common core curriculum in Worcester County Public Schools.

Fresh from the requisite “five minutes” on Home And Away, she had won the lead role in a production of Spring Awakening.

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