Dating bipolar guy

The two days after work each night, she spent all day at a guy friends house.Apparently from what i gathered, she and him fell asleep in bed. Since then she's been sick and hasnt really wanted me around for the past 3 days. She doesnt protest to me being with her, but she wont let me touch or hold or cuddle with her. I'm a forgive and forget kind of person, and i believe her when she says nothing happened at the guys house.

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But feeling in love with everything made it hard to tell how I felt about her.

“The difficulty is the usual one,” as Virginia Woolf once wrote, “How to adjust the two worlds.

Instead, all the emotions one normally experiences are on a more intense setting.

Everything comes through louder and it can be very difficult to navigate everyday life with such an intensity.

This takes time and energy from the individual and can lead to higher levels of stress.

When it comes to mental illness, there are plenty of stereotypes.

But hypomania, which is also a symptom of the disorder, is a high-energy state in which a person feels exuberant but hasn't lost his or her grip on reality.

"Hypomania can be a pretty enjoyable state, really," Dr. A person's mood can be elevated, they may have a lot of energy and creativity, and they may experience euphoria.

But in reality, mood disorders can be hard to pinpoint--particularly in people with bipolar disorder symptoms.

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