Dating craftsman planes

I am a fairly new woodworker and am gathering all the tools that I need (non power).

I bought a used #4 Stanley Bailey and like it a lot.

Another telltale sign of the defiance plane is the flat sided reddish tote.

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Union made: That lateral adjuster of a Union looks like the early twisted Sargent, but with a washer type guide like the Ohio Tools or Stanley.

Included here are all of the web sites to help date, or otherwise known as typing or type studies for vintage hand planes.

After 1885 when Stanley added the lateral adjuster, All Stanley Bailey and Stanley Bedrock planes had this style adjuster.

Birmingham Plane (B Plane) Here is one restored The Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company of Birmingham, CT (1885-1900) Birmingham Plane (B Plane) The Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company of Birmingham, CT (1885-1900) Sargent made: Here is Sargent Dating info The lateral adjuster on a Sargent made plane.

The Sears hardware department also used the name Fulton for some basic feature tools and electric motors.

The famous Kenmore name was also used on some electric grinders and motors in the 1930s.

The earliest planes were identified by a size number cast into the bed.

Later models were stamped with the manufacturer’s name and model number near the sole on what would be the left cheek of the plane as it is viewed from the rear.

If you want to identify the manufacturer of a Craftsman machine, follow the link under "Sears, Roebuck Number Prefixes", below.

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