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Her Matchmaking Process involves 6 steps: Clarity Session to determine your ideal match, Personalized Search, Concierge Service, Feedback, Optional Coaching session and, finally, fall in love! Let Arlene help you live your life with joy and love!Visit the website to schedule your free discovery call!The study, which was released last week, dovetails with other research being conducted at Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University to analyze the challenges of growing hops in the region.

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Ritter, a high school environmental science teacher, grows the finicky crop as a hobby to supply home brewers and local craft breweries with a fresh bittering and flavoring ingredient that beer drinkers crave.

A two-year Rutgers University study concluded that hops farming has the potential to grow and to become a more significant, lucrative crop in New Jersey.

To be specific, the trouble Republicans have made for themselves is the oath they've sworn these last seven years - and embraced most emphatically by D. Trump in his campaign for the presidency - to rip out the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a.

Obamacare) and all its regulations root and branch.

Initially it must have seemed a winning issue, another way for the GOP to exploit that golden oldie about the swollen federal government.

Washington as whipping boy is a hardy perennial for Republican orators and a sure winner in GOP primary elections.

Everyone knows that New Jerseyans are known for their awesome diners.

So if you’re lucky enough to be dating someone from New Jersey, that means you’ll never have to go without brunch again.

Looks like there's a new "third rail" in American politics.

The classic "third rail" for decades has been social security.

On this page you will find information about how and where to meet singles in NJ.

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