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Jerome Bonaparte Squier, a young English immigrant who arrived in Battle Creek, Michigan, in the latter part of the 19th century, was a farmer and shoemaker who had learned the fine European art of violin making. Victor Squier started making his own hand-wound violin strings, and the business grew so quickly that he and his employees improvised a dramatic production increase by converting a treadle sewing machine into a string winder capable of producing 1,000 uniformly high-quality strings per day.

He moved to Boston in 1881, where he built and repaired violins with his son, Victor Carroll Squier. Squier violin strings, banjo strings and guitar strings became well known nationwide and were especially popular among students because of their reasonable price. Squier Company in early 1965, shortly before Fender itself was acquired by CBS in May of the same year.

At the time had just shelled out for a new Super Reverb so bad timing. I have lived most of my guitar playing life on that!

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Dating fender telecaster bridge

A guitar neck could have been produced in 1956, then slapped onto a body in 1957 and if late enough in the year pickups may have been put in early 1958.

The best option for getting a close production date is to remove the neck from the body.

Fender's production methods from the early fifties had the effect the numbers may not be consecutive.

Also overlap of serial numbers and dates come with regularity.

Serial numbers may be useful in determining the year of production of a guitar.

But an incomplete registrations and illogical serial numbers is its history often unclear.

It turned out to be an exceptional instrument with PUPS to die for - every classic Tele tone is proffered from the 3 settings and is LOUD! I should also mention that it's the heaviest guitar I own, a real shoulder-breaker but the sound and feel more than make up for that.i have a 1985 MIJ '62 custom, easily the nicest guitar i own.

the neck is glorious, i like the smaller frets, they are also on my 72 custom.

I teach guitar and prompt students towards Telecasters always when they want to move away from acoustic but have no idea what to plumb for.

I actually advise them to go for the Squier CV50 but they often do their own thing when a cheapie deal turns up on ebay!

Dating a Fender Guitar by it’s Serial Number can be a little tricky.

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