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full title · To Kill a Mockingbird author · Harper Lee type of work · Novel genre · Coming-of-age story; social drama; courtroom drama; Southern drama language · English time and place written · Mid-1950s; New York City date of first publication · 1960 publisher · J. Lippincott narrator · Scout narrates the story herself, looking back in retrospect an unspecified number of years after the events of the novel take place.

point of view · Scout narrates in the first person, telling what she saw and heard at the time and augmenting this narration with thoughts and assessments of her experiences in retrospect.

Jem is quieter and more reserved than his sister, and has very high standards and expectations for people.

When these expectations are not met, Jem has a difficult time resolving his feelings.

A friend of the Finch children, who is a little older than Scout, quite short for his age, has an active imagination, and exhibits a strong sense of adventure.

He initiates the first expeditions toward the Radley house, and is Scout's best friend.

His family life is less than ideal, and he tends to resort to escapism when confronted with difficult situations.

Dill spends summers with his aunt, who lives next door to the Finch family.

For many decades, following their first bequeathment in 1868, the Christian Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust distributed scholarships to young artists.

In 2013, the trust was adapted to follow a ‘non-political funding model’ to ensure a grant for a living artist by means of competition, inaugurating the annual art prize.

tone · Childlike, humorous, nostalgic, innocent; as the novel progresses, increasingly dark, foreboding, and critical of society tense · Past setting (time) · 1933–1935 setting (place) · The fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama protagonist · Scout Finch major conflict · The childhood innocence with which Scout and Jem begin the novel is threatened by numerous incidents that expose the evil side of human nature, most notably the guilty verdict in Tom Robinson’s trial and the vengefulness of Bob Ewell.

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