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The following year, Article 12 of the new constitution codified the abolition of the military.The armed forces’ budget was then shifted to internal security goals by redirecting funds to the police force, education, environmental protection and cultural preservation.

Major national security issues include border control, drug trafficking and the expansion of international criminal organizations into the country, like for example, the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel.

On the international front, Costa Rica is currently involved in a border dispute with Nicaragua, which includes the occupation by a contingent of Nicaraguan army troops of disputed territories along the San Juan River since last year.

If you want to vacation at a hotel or resort that does not accept children, our adults-only resorts offer the perfect solution.

The minimum age for most of these resorts is 18, although guests ages 13-17 are considered adults at a few properties.

Some of them are available only at night or only on the weekend.

You can have the girlfriend experience for a couple of days or as little as one hour.

Alternatively, follow the Cross-island Trail, trekking ancient warpaths into the lush forest interior, then grab front-row seats off shore to the annual migration of humpback whales (Jul–Oct) – a truly remarkable sight.

If you have time, hop over to Aitu to see its incredible (raised coral) coastline.

We have divided our Costa Rica adults-only resorts into two groups.

Immediately below are the all-inclusive resorts, where lodging, meals and activities are rolled into one price.

The combination of rising criminal activity and the current border dispute with a state that possesses a relatively strong standing military means that Costa Rica will have to develop a stronger defense capacity to tackle growing security-related issues.

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