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That's now been replaced with the true fears of getting older, thinking I'm no longer in my prime, my body no longer fitting into tight outfits, and no longer being able to hold my liquor. The thing with being a chronically single person is that you get used to your independence and being "selfish". When you're single in your 20s you're: having fun! The wedding in question was beautiful, the food was good, and the music was perfect.

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I’m guessing there’s a 98% chance you’re currently using or have used a dating site or app. Here’s a screenshot from the average girl’s OK Cupid inbox…

You can see these gals’ inboxes are packed with hundreds of messages.

Besides that, knowing what I need to do to avoid being a crazy person might help me avoid more crazy people.

After talking with a few friends this past week, I was reminded of just how drastically the dating landscape is changing for men, so I wanted to take some time lay out exactly what I see happening and tell you how you can avoid ending up with the short end of the stick.

Then a little voice in my head scolds me because isn't that the whole point of dating?

But when I see the profile of a cute guy that has similar interests but it also says "looking to settle down and start a family", I'm automatically swiping left.

Actually, it probably changed around the time my friends started getting married.

I don't even really know when all that changed.

I personally feel this one change is going to separate the strong from the weak and the smart from the dumb going forward. We spend almost our entire days in front of screens.

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