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cz (157)gd (152)bsrtebac.(145)bdtyjryn.4(142)zftutukx.(142)cz (141)pl (139)srymnez.8(139)pl (138)cz (136) Ounce for ounce, there is no other substance on the face of the Earth that will more consistently produce as many hours of unabated flatulence than Kashi Go LEAN Crunch. My wife brought home a restaurant size box of Kashi from Costco thinking that it would resolve a “challenge” that I have had with Quakers Granola Cereal. Just so you know, the Granola Cereal “blast” rings around the Kashi.

If you have never had a bowl of Kashi Go LEAN cereal, trust me, go get a box. Everyday, starting around 2pm I looked and felt pregnant. If you were wearing roller skates, you wouldn’t need to move your legs. My nine year old is so embarrassed because all her friends can hear my Kashi Go Lean farts on her Xbox Live speaker..another room! I was ready to go to a doctor after this weeks incidents.

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Eat a big bowl right before work or church or parent-teacher conferences. This is followed 25-30 seconds later by a surprising fart with an unusual amount of mass. I've eaten Kahi for years, but lately this has been happening to me! Just like all the rest, I finally googled Kashi Gas today and found this site. I literally had a watermelon size abdomen full of gas. I've had explosive farts that you could time, much like contractions. When I first tried it I thought it must be from something else since this is so wholesome. I'm talking sonic boom farts that my daughter calls "cheek flappers'! "This cereal may cause social isolation, embarrassment and mistaken pregnant appearance". By Tuesday of my work week, I told my boss I think I'm really coming down with something.

It starts for me about 2 - 3 hours after ingestion. The first sign that Kashi is working is a knot-like feeling in the stomach. For the next 5 hours, the gas gets so unusually intense and frequent you will barely be able to keep a straight face while doing regular daily activities. -----Update 2-25-11----- From user Pegha Oh my God!! The gas is so incredible, I thought I must have IBS! I am relieved...though not quite yet..know that it's this stupid Kashi. After a few more subsequent bowls, on different days, its effects were so intense, I threw the box away. Several months later, running low on cereal, I opened the second box to give it a try. This week I became really close with the Lysol spray. I was farting away in my office when I figuered I could keep blaming my "squeaky" chair.

But alas; I would toss Al Sharpton's salad if I was guaranteed a 5 hour endless stream of explosive gas. Let's start posting actual recordings of your actual farts here on this thread! There should be a surgeons general warning label on the box. I need help, i was working out at the gym, and i had to hold it in for so long that just as I finished my workout (BLAMMO WHFfffff TTTTTTT PLAH) The whole gym was silent and everyone was staring at me, but thats not the worst. That cereal was delicious but the intestinal riot was not worth it. I now have stronger sphincter muscles, though, from trying not to fart so much, as the onslaught of gas was sudden then constant. I cut ass for a solid 10 hours after eating this cereal. I can't belive I pulled up this website I love kashi go lean crunch it tastes so good but everytime i eat it I fart constantly for hours and hours into the next day I finally put two and two together and realized it ws the cereal Which I will NEVER eat again after this bout of the worst gas I have ever experienced I'm not kidding if you want your stomach to go into fart over load then go get this lol FML I'm in the same boat... He also says that after eating a bowl for two a day, you could apply for a conceal and carry license,as your ass is a deadly weapon.

Please record your greatest Kashi farts via any means necessary! During church at the prayer, I had held it in the whole car ride, service, and had not farted once that day. Its so good, I'm still debating if all this harm is worth it and dreaming of my next bowl.... I laughed laughed so hard I sobbed when reading this site, as it is so true, and made me feel so much better to know I'm not the only one.

Hasil daripada momentum yang terhasil akibat perlanggaran bola dengan longkang akan mendatangkan impak kepada laluan tersebut.

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