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On the flip side, the top five hobbies and interests listed by women that are most likely to capture men’s attention are: personal growth, health and exercise, food, family and dancing.

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Francesco Verusio, the chief prosecutor in the case, said Ms Cemortan's testimony would be key in establishing exactly what happened on the bridge that night and whether the captain was distracted – as claimed by some of his officers.

"There are many witnesses and each one will offer their point of view," Mr Verusio said.

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It has been reported that she did not have her own cabin.

La Repubblica newspaper offered an explanation for the unusual arrangement when it claimed that some of the former dancer's belongings were found in Capt Schettino's cabin, suggesting that they were sharing.

She says that men have genetically been known to look for an ‘ideal’ partner who is healthy and will care for their children, someone they can pass along their genes with, while women are drawn to men who will act as the provider and protector, to care for the family.

Although the findings suggest that personal hobbies and interests can have an impact on how we’re perceived by the opposite sex, e Harmony matches its members based on core personality traits and values, which, in the long run, are far more significant than superficial factors like hobbies which evolve over time.

He then grounded the 950ft-long vessel on a different part of Giglio's coast and belatedly ordered the evacuation of its 4,200 passengers and crew.

The death toll stands at 17, with 15 people still missing, presumed dead.

"We're comparing all the different versions to see how they fit together." Electronic data recovered from the ship's black box would also be vital, he said. Capt Schettino is under house arrest at his home in Meta di Sorrento, near Naples, and faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning his ship ahead of passengers and crew members. Passengers claim to have seen and photographed a young blonde woman resembling Ms Cemortan eating dinner and sharing a decanter of red wine with him less than 40 minutes before the collision happened.

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