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Perhaps that’s what you want to hear, perhaps it would make you run for the hills, screaming at the prospect of any sort of commitment.

So it can be good to have a heads-up that your current ‘more-than-friend-but-not-boy-/girlfriend’ may be in the market for an actual relationship.

Amongst millennials, it’s not uncommon to have tried and failed to explain the concept of ‘seeing someone’ to your parents. We date in a commitment-free culture, where exposing yourself and showing vulnerability just isn’t seen as cool.

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The song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police was definitely written about a guy looking at a girl and thinking, I need to take this relationship up a notch. You know you're serious when it doesn't have to be fancy dinners all the time, but hanging in your pajamas drinking your coffee of choice. A pet is not equivalent to a child by any means, but it is significant.

It means you at least see yourselves being together for a significant period of time.

(If you have kids, that may be all you can manage, however.

All rules have exceptions.) If it’s incredibly intense every time you see each other, that’s not sustainable.

Are you seeing each other with an appropriate amount of intensity?

If you’ve been dating for six months and you still only see each other once a week, or you mostly just hang out and watch TV, that’s not evolving if that’s not what you want to be doing.

If you and your partner cheer each other on both in your careers and personal lives, you can be confident that commitment isn’t too far away.

If your relationship is becoming serious, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have to be “exciting” all the time.

But, if you're with the right person there comes a time when you would rather hang with them than be with anyone else.2. If you and your partner cheer each other on in both your career and personal lives, then trading keys and sharing above-the-sink-cabinet-space isn't out of reach.4. But when you're with someone you're serious about, you don't feel like you have to hide your flaws (like your allergy to exercise), or act a certain way (like ordering the food least likely to drip down your chin at dinner).

Getting Starbucks and sitting in your sweats is magical. You'll simply be able to be yourself- hot wing sauce around your mouth and all.6. Chances are if you're living in NYC with your significant other, then you may wind up adopting a pet together.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a toothbrush or phone charger tend to be the first items they’ll conveniently forget If they suggest you keep a toothbrush or hairbrush at their house, that is a Big. Even if you haven’t had the exclusivity chat yet, that pretty much means they’re not going to be having anyone else round for grown-up sleepovers.

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