Dating of burrows cave

Dove Dale is one of, if not the most beautiful limestone dale in Britain.

Dove Dale has a variety of scenery with the ever-changing River Dove, the steep limestone cliffs and spires, the rare woodlands species and at the half way point the quaint picturesque village of Milldale.

Rink 1: David Love, David Vernon, Michael Moulton & Richard Lemon 26 – Lincs 23 Rink 2: Peter Hoad, Connor Rollings, Tony O’Leary & Jim Mc Kee 22 – Lincs 14 Rink 3: Colin Barnes, Glen Munns, Martin Gearey & Vernon Gearey 18 – Lincs 19 Rink 4: Adam Brown, Richard Somerton, Peter Ward & Jonathan Brown 17 – Lincs 27 Rink 5: David Iddles, Phil Reeve, Andrew Burrows & Alan Ashby 16 – Lincs 10 Rink 6: Chris Gray, Ashley Linnell, Darren Lyman & Darren Childs 29 – Lincs 13 County name team for Bedfordshire date NORTHANTS Ladies open their Johns Trophy campaign this Saturday (June 3, 1.30pm) with a match against Bedfordshire at Wilstead BC. Rink 1; Julie Spreadbury, Heyford BC/Chris Cooper, Burton Latimer Town BC/Emma Gray, Burton Latimer Town BC/Sharon Hall, Burton Latimer Town BCRink 2: Janet Ashby, Northampton West End BC/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC/Alison Dring, Burton Latimer Town BC/Yvonne Mc Kee, Kingsthorpe BCRink 3: Joyce George, Wellingborough BC/Pat Bodily, Kingsthorpe BC/Jill Welch, Heyford BC/Barbara Haseldine, Finedon Town BCRink 4: Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe BC/Maggie Edwards, Kingsthorpe BC/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe BC/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BCRink 5; Linda Warren, Abbey Park BC/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge BC/Katie Smith, Desborough Town BC/Tina Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BCRink 6: Margaret Watts, Desborough Town BC/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough Town BC/Ann-Marie Waters, Roade BC/Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough Town BCTravelling Reserves: Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge BC/Sandra Mawson, Kingsthorpe BCCounty men gearing up for Middleton Cup SATURDAY sees the start of the Middleton Cup campaign for Northants Men.

Dating of burrows cave

Sure, the city seems to welcome visitors—come see the Liberty Bell or Love Park. But Philadelphians do not really do these things; Philadelphians know that the roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwich, another Philadelphia-Italian creation, is the superior sandwich.

Philadelphians head to Fairmount Park, a gigantic urban park a whopping ten times bigger than New York’s Central Park.

Rink 1: Curtis Johnson, Wellingborough BC/Alan Ashby, Northampton West End BC/Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC/Jamie Walker, Northampton West End BCRink 2: David Love, Wellingborough BC/Connor Cinato, Kettering Midland Band BC/Jim Mc Kee, Kingsthorpe BC/Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe BCRink 3: Adam Pitfield, Burton Latimer Town BC/John Freeman, Abington BC/Peter Ward, Desborough Town BC/Andrew Manton, Kingsthorpe BCRink 4: Adam Brown, Abington BC/Jonathan Brown, Abington BC/Will Walker, Northampton West End BC/Roger Tansley, Kingsthorpe BCRink 5: Keith Height, Thrapston BC/Ashley Linnell, Northampton West End BC/Darren Lyman, Wellingborough BC/Darren Childs, Northampton West End BCRink 6: Tony O’Leary, Abington BC/Martin Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC/Mark Tompkins, Kingsthorpe BC/Phil Exley, Burton Latimer Town BCReserves: Shaun Marriott, Northampton West End BC/Connor Rollings, Kettering Lodge BC/David Walker, Northampton West End BC/Chris Gray, Kettering Lodge BCWarwickshire hold nerve to nick victory NORTHANTS Ladies suffered a narrow one-shot defeat in their Middle England League clash against Warwickshire at Stoke BC in Coventry.

With a five-shot lead at 18 ends across the six rinks, a Northants win was hoped for, but Warwickshire lifted their game over the last couple of ends and picked up 15 shots to five by the County to achieve their 121-120 win.

Furthermore, this word is supported by the LXX [Septuagint] and IQ Is [first cave of Qumran, Isaiah scroll].

Thus, in one chapter of 166 words, there is only one word (three letters) in question after a thousand years of transmission - and this word does not significantly change the meaning of the passage.The Dead Sea Scrolls are perhaps the greatest archaeological find of our time. These copies of Isaiah, written 1,000 years earlier than the previously oldest known copies have proven to be "word for word identical with our standard Hebrew Bible in more than 95 percent of the text.Produced by Jewish monastic Essenes, the scrolls number about 800; 200 of which are of biblical material. The five percent of variation consisted chiefly of obvious slips of the pen and variations in spelling.The County lost but did have two winning rinks, the highest scoring of which was that skipped by Norman Gibb which recorded a six-shot victory.Rink details as follows, no Cambs names: Rink 1: Alan Holt, David Walker, Tony Warren & Brian Diver 13 – Cambs 23 Rink 2: Paul Cooke, Neville Bodily, Peter Kitchener & George Willmott 16 – Cambs 25 Rink 3: Laurie Harrison, Stewart Laxton, Dave Williamson & Mark Courtney 23 – Cambs 20 Rink 4: Will Clelland, Ton Black, Andrew Burrows & Norman Gibb 19 – Cambs 13 Rink 5: Peter Hoad, Jim Brumwell, Dave Lovell & Geoff Hunt 12 – Cambs 19 County competitions LATEST results from county competitions.The County had three winning rinks, as did Warwickshire, and the highest scoring of those for Northants was that skipped by Margaret Mc Gillivray which posted a very impressive 21 shots win.

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