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Pyrex New Dot Bowls with small ziplock containers inside them. Each handle actually has raised sides and serves as a spout for pouring, so each Cinderella bowl has a larger spout on one side and smaller on the other, to make it a breeze to use regardless of what you were cooking. HINT FOR SHIPPING: If you find a set like this on Ebay and win it, I always email the seller and offer to pay an additional .00 to help them package it.

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Chances are, if you need a dish, you can buy a new one with no chacter or cuteness to it, or for the same money (if you shop around) you can get a vintage piece with history and charm.

If I want something very badly, I may see it in five different auctions or flea markets, but I don’t buy it until I find it at a good price.

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My husband looked at me and said “Now, do you think you have enough dishes? Some of my sets may have four or five to a set so I’d use the left one for that, and sometimes, if I need them to sit even closer, I use one of these bowls without the lid on it so they only have an inch or so rise. If you’ll look, you’ll see that one handle is larger than the other.

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