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An estimated 400,000 Russians die each year from smoking-related diseases, according to Professor David Zaridze, director of the Moscow-based Institute of Carcinogenesis.

The recent statistics reveals that 44 million Russians smoke, which is a third of the population.

Russian women respect men who are strong, self-assertive and confident in their intentions.

Smoking among women is blamed for low birth rates and therefore current Russian demographic crisis, not to say about life span reduction.

Tobacco smoking in Russia is a social and therefore acceptable habit.

Follow the link to the full issue listing to see if the back issue is available through our webstore. The rest of her friends were doing it and she would have been an outcast, if she hadn't, she said. Like elsewhere in the world, Russian teenagers start smoking because of peer-pressure, out of a desire to mimic adults and as a form of protest.

Thirty percent of Russian teenagers have tried their first cigarette by age 12.

"I think it's only possible if all smokers stop doing it at once." Lida is hardly alone.

Though tobacco sales are legally forbidden to children under 18, in fact anyone can buy cigarettes, especially at the ubiquitous street stalls.

My experience with Russian women has been some of most rewarding experiences and fulfilling relationships of my life.

The old adage, “women are women” holds merit, but there are some important differences between Russian woman and their Western counterparts you should be aware of if traveling to Russia. This holds true for the approach and also on a date.

Russia – the culture, history, politics and women are all mysterious.

Russian women allure us by their beauty, grace, and feminine nature.

The survey made among the high school students in Russia show that 53% of teen boys and 25% of girls smoke.

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