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On the flip side of the coin, your ex-partner may try to seek advantage for his/her case by accusing you of creating an unsafe environment.

Though some of our tips may sound a little extreme, you must do everything in your power not to give your ex anything that he/she can use against you, no matter how silly it may seem.

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Ideally, you want to do this long before your child custody case so that you can show a positive pattern of behavior.

You may still be struggling with feelings of anger, betrayal, and bewilderment after separating or divorcing your partner.

With somewhere around 1.5M Single Adults in Orange County, there are very few churches that have an active outreach into this community.

There are singles groups that meet, but none have as their stated goal, to evangelize and reach Single Adults of any age or Spiritual Background.

Our vision is: • To proclaim God’s grace to man and bring glory to God by helping people know the truth as presented in the Bible, to grow in community as Single Adults, and as a result of the transformational power of the Word of God, to then go and serve our fellow man and in our respective churches.

• We are an evangelical, non-denominational, Christ-centered Church, located in Orange County, California.

It is important to work through these emotions, (perhaps with the help of a professional therapist), but you must also be able to set aside your own struggles to be a good parent for your children, especially now!

The judge in your California child custody case will want to see that you can offer your children a safe and supportive environment.

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