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However, I do admit that when I do the rewatch, I skip the frustrating parts near the end. with adoring cast and couple with some really FABULOUS songs..... I agree that the ending episode was too quick in stitching it all back together. When she comforts the young Soo-Wan in episode 2 after her hopes were dashed in a cochlear implant in Jung-Hwas bathroom, is just heart wrenching. The love of the mother for her son and for his special friend is in the writing of Yoon Ji-ryun, the source of the power of this series, and beautifully played, first by the two younger actors, and then by the two older actors.

It's very heart touching as the songs also very beautiful and match with every scenes. I would recommend for people who likes romantic drama. I simply believe Ku Hye-Sun is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Now to be truthful, I will agree with some complaints that Soo Wan's vision loss and petulant period was excessive, overwrought and a bit hard to believe. Perhaps it was the writer/directors goal, but I believe it went too far. She is the sweetest and most heartbreaking character. I am struck by the power of the character of the mother, despite her death at the beginning of the series "Angle Eyes".

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She was blind when she was younger, but an eye transplant surgery allowed her to see. Congratulations to Yoon Ji-ryun, on a deeply touching script.

I love Lee Sang Yoon and out of all Goo Hye Sun's dramas, I can say that this drama is where she really showed improved acting. i know sometimes, okay many times this drama go slow. It would have been better to shorten the time of her blaming herself and fleshed the final reuniting out a lot more would have been more satisfying. The writing for the extended cast of characters is rich, giving secondary personalities that are very enjoyable to follow as well.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young in: Onscreen chemistry: evident but couldn’t be developed because Lee Bo Young played the crazy insane psycho second female lead and not Ji Sung’s OTP (who was played by Eugene) Offscreen chemistry: low-key Status: Still going strong after 6 years. To be honest, there are certain actors that viewers tend to ship them a lot with their co-stars, and both Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are that type of actor.

Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young in the movie Onscreen chemistry: sizzling Offscreen chemistry: very little since they rarely appeared in public together after they started dating. Lee Sang Yoon and Nam Sang Mi in Onscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen Offscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen, but likely fizzled because it was so intense Status: Teary breakup after 2 years Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye in Onscreen chemistry: Soul-searching Offscreen chemistry: So in love, but couldn’t make it work. Status: Ended after 2 years, and Barbie is now married to a chaebol heir Co-stars heavily rumored to have dated but never publicly confirmed it: Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook after Koala’s two real life shippy holy grails: My Geun Geun Babies FTW! There is a sizeable group that ship Eun Hye with Joo Ji Hoon back when they did co-star Park Shin Hye and think I’m some interloper by shipping him with Moon Geun Young.

This drama is Superb, I'd to put my rating 99% on this. The Korean people must be commended for putting together a moving and heartfelt show. I would hope that they would read my review and continue to make these great shows. I bought the soundtrack because that opening song and Beautiful Sad have possessed my heart and mind. If every moment she is on screen doesn't either delight your heart or crush your soul then you have no heart. i usually hate sad stories but i cant seem to stop watching this drama. I cried several times in this movie, the actors made me feel their character. It was a fun way to enjoy free time during teaching duties this past spring.

I can't help it, but I am totally and completely smittened by Ku Hye-Sun. I watched it because Ku Hye-Sun and I was stunned that I loved it more than BOF. I cried plenty during BOF, but took it to a completely new level with Angel Eyes. i hate watching a drama where their mobile phones are not smartphones yet haha i stumbled upon this drama while searching for lee sang yoon stuffs cos he's just so adorable in twenty again. i just might drop this series if there's no happy ending : P btw, kang ha neul is awesome in this Loved this show - at least Series 1 is all I have seen through Netflix. I think the first couple was so endearing that one has to like change and adjust when the second couple come in, but I thought their acting was terrific as well. American shows could learn from the portrayal of the protagonists. American portrayals seem to be either good or evil and no in between. Ku hye sun and Lee sang Yoon you acted well and had a great chemistry. The scriptwriter did a marvelous job, the director did well. Angle Eyes is the first Korean drama I ever watched. i think Korean people love romantic drama than other drama. Look I was one of my best drama till the last episode which turn all the drama from best to the worst I am really angry and so annoyed plus confused about this drama which make me happy through its episodes but the last one was so bad I feel that the director laughed at our mind Really so bad of you please don't try to write any other drama again! What The Hell happen to the serum, does it work and the patients get cured or what? Generally, kdramas with 20eps tend to be boring as they near the end, but this was not boring at all. And If L and Chun Hoon killed Ji Sang father wasn't it better if he was the one who would avenge them? The leads are wonderful, backed by a strong cast and direction. i think this drama has a good plot but why netizens seems not like? But for me i was so happy when i saw Park Ji Sang alive but i want to see that Park Ji Sang and Yoo Rita live happily with each other. Thank you for supporting blood drama, seen from more than 700 comments, it turns out that support more blood, from the hates, meaning drama favored not hated blood, blood drama crew thanks all of you who are the best, although less favored dinegaramu korea, but our fans from outside, very supportive, we are waiting for and supports blood season 2, AZA AZA-FIGHTING. I keep my opinion strong thinking that is The Best Drama ever of Ahn Jae Hyun. my country, Romania, is all talking about this drama. Will - please don't- or Drama like - My love from stars-... I respect him and in someday I wish to follow him in his work. they don't deserve even atention, respect, understanding support and not the last, Love.. His sweet face truly masked his devious intentions. ❤ the drama was so good from the first episode to the last, and everything was cleared, i wonder why so much hater. Maybe the writer felt bored and decided to just kill everyone to get a climax ending. It makes me jump, roll, ang giggled and also a super duper" kilig factor " .i wish that it would have a part 2 .phone is full opictures of park ji sang (ahn jae hyun) and yoo ri ta(ku hye sun) and all of the cast of it.. :" As for the season 2, maybe there's a need, since there are questions unaswered. I'm not really good in reading between the lines, so definite answers are better, but i think not as long as 20 epsiodes are needed. It has action, romance, friendship, betrayal, vampires, evil, suspense, heartbreak, and joy. i hope there are season 2 to continue how yoo ri ta in Konchenia and the other vampire @Jazmin: No the person at the end was Park Ji Sang not other or different charater... ahn jae hyeon .week character, so I have not found the chemistry between the two of them...maybe you need to develop your acting skills...fighting!!!!! and saw Ahn Jae Hyun in different scenes, MV like -K. Let me segue, ji Jin-hee consistently displayed excellent thespian ability through out the twenty (20) episodes. Not most actresses can be brave enough to use at least a few profanities here and there against the other members. I love Song Ji Hyo unnie so much and she's basically my favorite actress even though I only watched 2 of her films, Frozen Flower and Wishing Stairs; I still love her anyway mainly because of her personality and she's brave enough to not use filter with her words on Running Man.I think it’s just amusing to fanservice our favorite star together when it’s clear they have such sizzling chemistry.

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