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This is both a document and a miniature archaeological site, where lines cut across each other to mark different moments in time.Writing rarely survives for archaeologists because paper deteriorates in soil.

A team of archaeologists are currently revealing the mysteries of the Historic Jamestown settlement.

Excavation since 1994 has uncovered hundreds of thousands of artifacts dating to the first half of the 17th century. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you head out.

The Jamestown site was a peninsula, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus and protected on three sides by the James River, Back River and Sandy Bay.

Directed by the Virginia Company to find "the true, most wholesome and fertile place" to settle, the Jamestown site was defensible with a deep harbor close to shore.

A slate tablet is reusable when the marks are made by a slate pencil whose lines can be wiped off for the next set of marks—the proverbial “clean slate.” This tablet was found in a c.1608-1610 well in the center of James Fort that was dug by order of Captain John Smith.

The fort’s first well had gone bad by 1610 and may have contributed to the rash of deaths during Jamestown’s infamous “starving time” winter of 1609–1610.

The nation's taste in ornamental trees has changed fairly dramatically since the first street plantings were made in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the 1730s.

The catalpas that line the town's Palace Green, which was one of the first examples of a municipal street planting in British North America, are seldom planted today and are considered by most horticulturists as little more than weed trees.

When the new governor, Lord De La Warr, arrived in the spring he commanded the settlers to pull down derelict buildings and to throw the fort’s debris into any open hole in the fort.

There are layers upon layers of inscriptions on this slate. Or someone may have written on the slate with something more dense than a slate pencil, making permanent scratches.

Today, it is nearly impossible to even find a paper mulberry for sale at a nursery.

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