i am dating an extrovert - Dating vintage benrus watches

Since the original Lasrus brothers were from romainia maybe they are related somehow. I have not found any information on serial number or years of production.

I have been researching benrus watches for the last year and found this site interesting. I have been so wrapped up in the benrus watches trying to put some together from the parts I have. I am very proud of my little darlings and to Martin that worked on them.

Does anyone know of an identification guide specific to Benrus watches.

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While this is a great resource it doesn't have a lot of information on Benrus Wrist Watches.

I'd like to have more data, such as model numbers and years.

Benrus also had a factory in Waterbury CT which is where they made the cases for Benrus watches.

I have recently acquired a Benrus watch that looks very old. Benrus typically used good quality Swiss movements from various manufacturers (they didn't make their own movements).

By 1912, Movado had released the Polyplan, the first watch designed to follow the contour of the wrist.

That watch would be followed by the Curviplan in 1931 and Novoplan in 1934.

While he confirms that they are dating, he prefers not to discuss details of his personal life.

In the example images the serial number is highlighted in blue.

Good luck Jeanine Hi Mike I just looked at your site and thank you for the credits. A friend of mine in Nova Scotia has been helping me and has built 5 of the alarm watches from NOS movements and dials and cases. Thank you again Aunt Nene(Jeanine) I know it's been a while since the last post to this thread, but can anyone help me identify this Benrus watch which I inherited from my grandmother.

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