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I’ve been a part of a panel before so I understand that sometimes the equipment just craps out on you and you have no choice but to keep the show going.The cast of the SHSLP did a great job of still being in character even with…One of the anime shows that I closely watched during the 2013 Spring/Summer season (besides Attack on Titian) was Danganronpa The Animation.Current events on collegiate and national levels will also be discussed as well as changes we hope to see in the future on these issues.

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Upon the Shoulders We Stand showcases the importance of the voices, struggles and triumphs faced by blacks through song and dance, with special attention to black performers on Broadway.

An open conversation on race relations in America and how it affects the current generation.

Black Men Unified will be sponsoring a four-part panel series called Taboos in the Black Community.

These panel discussions will touch on topics ranging from interracial dating to being a black republican, all of which are contentious subjects within the black community.

The other comedians will then begin to roast or comment on not only every photo the profile contains, but each suitors photo that is recommended.

The audience will make the decision whether the host will swipe right or swipe left on the recommendation.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about these significant figures through oral discussion.

This museum will be open to elementary school students from -6 p.m. Join us for this exciting musical theatre production by Rider University students.

The show itself was an adaptation of a PSP game of the same name which also was ported over to the Vita.

The premise of the show and games are the same: a group of students are trap in a high school in which a twisted bear by the name Monokuma is the…

This Valentines Day the comedians are your conscience, and the audience picks your mate (or date).

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