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She first rose to fame in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in 1993.And on Saturday, Terri Hatcher joined her former superhero co-star Dean Cain to talk about their roles in the hit TV show.

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If that were true, it would be an interesting reversal of the guest appearances the pair had on 's second season.

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Dean meanwhile kept a more stoic facial expression as her held his fist aloft, just as Superman would have done.'Soaring together again. Have fun you two xxx'Lois and Clark, which ran over four seasons from 1993 to 1997 made household names of both Dean and Teri.

So fun to reunite,' Teri captioned the picturesque post that was met with a flurry of fans gushing about the reunion.'Just like old times!! Another opined: 'Have to say this..I know majority of others say the same..are you and Dean not together for real!!? While Dean hung up the cape after the series wrapped, Teri has kept the superhero theme going after taking on the recurring villainous role of Queen Rhea of Daxam in the TV series Supergirl.

“It had to have been so scary for you to have been so honest in writing it,” Nancy said.

But what about Teri's rumored romance with neighbor George Clooney.“You didn't date him? While Dean isn't able to 'leap tall buildings at a single bound' like his one-time superhero namesake, he managed to don a safety harness and take his former co-star up the iconic landmark.Smiling broadly, Teri had her arms wrapped around Dean's neck as her raven locks blew in the high-altitude Sydney breeze.All Dean needs is a cape,' one fan offered while another commented with a similar: 'Omg! Yor show used to be my favourite show when I was small.'Some, however took the post to mean that a potential reunion on the small screen could be in the works, while others seemed more interested in linking the dynamic duo romantically.'Trying to contain my excitement but obviously I can't!!! They are the US actors who are currently touring the country for the Supernova Comic Con and Gaming Expo.

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