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He’s not looking for a return to Victorian values, but he’d probably like to think he could beat you in a Jäger shoot-out or an arm-wrestling match. In our fractured world, men know that the chances of meeting and falling for a single mom are significant.

For some it’s an instant no-no, and if that’s your situation, it's best to know up front.

Looking like something the cat dragged in Ok, so you are all for casual dressing but even the most laid-back of women won’t appreciate a date who turns up in tattered jeans and a worn-out T.

It goes a long way in explaining why Rashida relates so well to Jewish folk and how she got turned off black men. Loving her so much, I’m sad that I’ll never share that experience with her.

We thought it was also interesting because her sister Kidada, who relates more to her black side, even says at one point that Rashida passed for white back in the day. My mother shocked her Jewish parents by marrying out of her religion and race. IN preschool, our mother enrolled us in the Buckley School, an exclusive private school. RASHIDA: In reaction to all that differentess, Kidada tried hard to define herself as a unique person by becoming a real tomboy. Here’s the difference in our charisma: When I was 8 and Kidada was 10, we tried to get invited into the audience of our favorite TV shows. KIDADA: Let me make this clear: My feelings about my looks were never “in comparison to” Rashida. KIDADA: I knew Mommy’s parents were upset at first when she married a black man, and though they did the best they could, I picked up on what I thought was their subtle disapproval of me.

Don't sabotage a potentially great relationship that could have gone somewhere by scaring a man off right at the beginning. Your ex is somebody you dated, invited into your life, and with whom you spent a lot of time.

So don't talk negatively about your ex in any way, because when you do this, a guy thinks that if he ever becomes your ex, you'll trash talk him the same way.

You're dating a man you really like and the first couple weeks are cruising along really well. You start out as the cool woman and send him a text before he goes that says "Have a great time tonight! " You send him another text asking, "What's going on? " Even though he tells you he's just hanging out with his friends, you proceed to make a major blunder and start checking up on him with continuous texts throughout the night.

" But as the night progresses, seeds of doubt start forming in your mind about what he's doing, and you start to think, "Is he cheating on me? This paranoia will push a man away about as quickly as anything.

However, for those men not worried by the first mention of Junior, they’ll still be walking into the situation one tentative step at a time, and telling him too early what a great daddy he’s going to make to your kids will make him break out in a cold sweat.

So while ultimately you’re a package deal – and it’s important that he knows that – let him get to know you first.

KIDADA: I had another hurdle as a kid: I was dyslexic. IF you’re obviously black, white people watch their tongues, but with me they think they can say anything.

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