oracle of dating book - Double your dating jar

But the problem with most of the one-photo save the date cards on this website is that the "save the date" portion is almost always on the left.

It is already hard to decide on what's our favorite photo to put on a save the date card, having to pick a photo that fit the design just adds another layer of complication." "I was really nervous about using Shutterfly for the save-the-dates for mine and Darik's October wedding, until my friend sent me a save-the-date for her wedding also made by Shutterfly.

My friend Chrys also suggest that this date jar is a great way to be intentional to capture memories with your spouse.

She encourages that you take pictures of each date, then when you complete the last date in the jar, you create a book/album for print.

I spent some time playing around with the layouts of several "favorited" templates, which I highly recommend especially if you're planning to have photos on your cards.

I was worried that the pictures might be too small as many of our engagement photos were not close up shots.

This stunning jar comes complete with a beautiful cobalt blue ornate design and delicate domed lid.

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Don’t worry, Angus: chances are good you have something at your place (or in your girlfriend’s medicine cabinet) that will do just the trick. Coconut oil has become the Big Fat Greek Windex of the yoga-and-kale set. On the lighter side, grapeseed and olive oils are great for vaginal and anal sex.

It’s hard to remove, though; so be aware that it probably shouldn’t be your first choice for quick p-in-v sex if you don’t want to commit to a lingering, greasy feel.

Although the corner of the save the date column looks a bit funny, we still like the simplistic style to this card.

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