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An illustrator has spent the last five years documenting nearly everyday with his girlfriend by transforming their memories into cartoon sketches.Pete Duffield, 38, from Brighton, has been immortalising the time he has spent with his girlfriend Kellie Gage and their baby girl Poppy while sharing them to their 70,000 followers on Instagram.So it’s a treat to see how others set the table, use their own creativity and design, and come up with fabulous menus.

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However, something that still confuses people is how asexual people navigate dating!

So, in order to demystify this concept for people, I spoke with two asexual activists in order to try to better understand dating in the asexual community.

AJC CEO David Harris said: 'The conditions in which migrants are currently living in some European countries may well be difficult and deserve still greater international attention, but concentration camps they certainly are not.

This Italian Dinner Party Menu can be served year round for a lovely party.

I asked a few of my favorite male bloggers to list three things that attract them to a woman, along with three things that “repel” them.

That is, if they were to approach a woman (at a bar, coffeeshop, whatever), what attracts them in the first place, and what turns them off?

'I would do a little illustration for her, take a photo of it on my phone, then text it to her and we'd both laugh about it.'In the early days the drawings were much looser and the style was more varied and experimental.

'They were very much a private thing that I made for Kellie's eyes only, there were no intentions to share them.'The idea to share them only surfaced a year ago when a few friends started suggesting they'd be popular on Instagram.

Years ago, Jenny and I both bought the same Dollar Tree water goblets. I sat back and soaked it all in – every word, smile, laugh, tear. What draws me to people is their genuine, authentic spirit, and with this group of friends, even as cracked pots, our flaws and weaknesses, when we come together for a dinner party, we listen and love.

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