Ebon moss bachrach dating

"In my career I've run across a lot of people like Desi," Moss-Bachrach, 35, says with a laugh.

He runs a successful private military corporation called Anvil.

And there may well be more to him as (potential spoiler alert) Russo in the comics is also the villain Jigsaw.

We caught up with the cast (and Brian Williams) at the season four premiere and asked them — as delicately as we could — their thoughts on the soon-to-be-infamous sex scene.

Allison Williams Because of my wiring, I read it in the script and I went into total action mode.

In a scene that was simultaneously bizarre and terrifying, Marnie opened Desi's briefcase and uncovered a mason jar filled with small, white pills.

She questioned him about it and he angrily confessed he'd been taking Oxy for a year, leading to an aggressive confrontation.

Eventually, Desi calmed down enough for Marnie and Hannah to put him in the car and drive home from the upstate cabin where they'd all been staying, but it's unclear how he and Marnie will face the issue moving forward.

Yes, we're talking about the time we saw Marni's boyfriend (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) orally pleasuring her by burying his face into her butt.

He's since been officially confirmed alongside Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Amber Rose Revah.

Barnes is aboard to play Billy Russo, Frank’s Castle’s (Jon Bernthal) best friend from his days in the Special Forces.

"I'm aware of walking the line," he says of playing Desi, the guitar-strumming, Broadway thespian who's been making eyes at Marnie (Allison Williams) this season.

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