Enrique is dating who

Fans were completely in awe of the Grammy-winning artist despite the photo’s simplicity.

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In 1985 however, he and his brother were sent to live with his father for their own safety following the kidnapping of their uncle by ETA.

Despite being a son of a big singer, Enrique who was born on May 8, 1975 didn't want to take the advantage of his father's famous name.

[sic].” One rather cheeky fan tagged a friend on Instagram and said, “Which one do you wanna eat [sic].” Good question! What with the British pop band’s hiatus in 2016, there is a high possibility of this becoming a reality, however there is no confirmation about it.

Meanwhile, in the wake of legendary musician David Bowie’s death, Iglesias earlier shared a touching message on Twitter. Your music will continue to inspire for generations to come. But Iglesias was sighted hanging out with another member of the band, Niall Horan at i Heart Radio a couple of months ago.

I don't think it's going to..us any happier."Enrique, 38, met Kournikova, 32, when the athlete appeared in his 2001 "Escape" music video.

"She was just the coolest girl in the world to me," the Latin pop star recalls.

"And we just, we got along."Enrique also addresses rumors that he is estranged from his famous father, Spanish singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias. But we don't see each other that much," Enrique says of his dad.

But on Thursday, the enigmatic couple broke their social media silence when Anna posted a photo of herself, Enrique and her younger brother Alan.

"I'm not against marriage, not at all," he tells Rita Braver, before adding that it's not in his future.

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