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I think I am optimistic in life and try not to take bad things close to heart.

I like order and of course I have certain principles in life that help me overpass difficulties I come across.

i live with my mother right now, she the only oneim a laid back guy that likes the beach the mountians riding quads and 4wheeling im six foot 1inch tall i have a average body i wear blue jean and tee shirt most of the time i have short brown hair and im very much the Okay, first of all I should tell you when I'm not working I'm an introvert.

I'm a Hospice Nurse Practitioner that works through an agency.Someone who has God first in her heart and is committed to serving him, not just a by I grew up in upstate New York joined the military, took a 4yr break after knee surgery then went back to the military for another almost 9yrs. I also love old buildings, something creepy and wonderful about them. ;) I listen to punk, ska, rock and old music (like the Bioshock soundtracks, love them! Looks like the profile aged me a I need an extra year added.I have been very fortunate to experience other cultures on a first hand basis. I have been out of the country for 10 years but am planning in moving home in the next couple of years. Looking for new friends who share similar interests and love to have a good laugh. I'm for real and say it as it is, not into lies and deceitful people.Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. born i Canada, left Canada after the death of my father..i love anything that makes me happy has hobbies, i manage a store which i got from my mother.And though in today’s world of social networks and online dating sites it may seem easy to meet local girl and find the one you can open your heart to, still so many people struggle to choose the right female partner.

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