Excel updating fields

You can use an Excel spreadsheet to update existing records or to add new records to your project.

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If I simply add a new column to my data model, is that what i really have to do to see the changes?

I would think every user would think this is a major problem.

Click the wrench icon to the right of the app, then click "Excel Import" Here is a step-by-step video to walk you through the process: To avoid importing duplicate items into your app, make sure to use the 'key' for a unique field, such as the title field.

When you do this, Podio will not create duplicates of items that already exist with that exact title.

The term ID can be found in the Controlled List tab of Shared Shelf, where you can select the list and search or browse for the term in the term panel.

Since a Linked field can be connected to controlled lists and the integrated Getty authorities, the chart below presents different scenarios and how they would be formatted.External resources cannot receive imported reference IDs, only terms.For List fields, you can import terms both when importing new records and when updating existing records with your Excel spreadsheet.If you are trying to determine whether you should remove a field, this will tell you if it's being utilized in certain percentage of the records.You may then decide to remove it from the layout if it is only utilized 5% of the time (for example).This feature wll generate a report containing all the fields that are in the layouts as well as fields that don't appear in layouts.

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