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The regulatory bodies of Japan, USA, the European Union, Canada, Australia and other countries have adopted and now have the law in force.

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It is important to note that the manufacturers’ expiration dates apply only to the original packaging of the drug, and that once opened these dates no longer apply.

Each state has different requirements, but all pharmacists must give the consumer some sort of expiration date, sometimes called a “beyond use” date.

While most drugs do not become dangerous when expired, they can still pose a threat to your health. Using a drug past its expiration date may affect its quality and effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers determine a drug’s shelf life, or expiration date, through stability testing.

Spectrophotometers can be used to create a standard or blueprint of specific formulations to verify that each compound is developed accurately for safety and effectiveness.

Preparation of complex drugs requires many steps that can alter final formulation measurements.

This revolution facilitated the setting of an analytical chemistry-based regulatory framework to govern the development of pharmaceuticals.

This paradigm has been continually evolving, especially in those aspects that define their standards of quality.

The frequency of medication errors associated with drugs formulations is unknown, but dosage errors can produce toxic results.

Therefore, proper analysis and advanced color measurement quantification must be employed to support patient safety.

The 21 CFR Part 4 describes depending on the application, two possible approaches: At Toxikon Europe, two divisions work complementary towards the evaluation of Combination Products.

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