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Dove hasn't dated, that we know of, any girls in her past so again, this was something super new that shocked fans! Well, Bella is another star who has more openly talked about her sexuality.

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Her list of romances pale in comparison to those of Timberlake, linked to many desirable women.

Since dumping Britney Spears last year, after allegedly breaking the news in a text message, the US star has carved a reputation as a ladies' man.

Next, he posted an adorable shot of Dove recording him while he recorded her on a subway (#inception). It was just one of a series of updates that went up, all of which point to the two having what appears to be a fun day exploring a city together.

She and Thomas have been working on Just a week or so ago, fans speculated that Dove was officially over her last relationship with Ryan Mc Cartan, as she cropped him out of an Instagram throwback photo.

Dove is beautiful so it's not totally surprising that Bella has thought about her in this way.

have been getting pretty close lately, and are displaying all of the typical signs of being in a relationship, save for, of course, setting the record straight on their status officially.The 20-year-old model and the 22-year-old social media star were seen grabbing lunch at Urth Caffe on Wednesday afternoon (March 22) in Los Angeles.Hailey and Cameron did a photo shoot for in Europe a few weeks ago and the rumors swirled that they could be a couple, but nothing has been confirmed. Hailey has already started the countdown to her 21st birthday even though it’s still pretty far away.Cape Town – Hey Hailey Baldwin and Cameron Dallas, we see you!According to reports the American model and social media sensation are totes a couple but are keeping it on the down-low. News confirmed the couple are casually dating after meeting through a mutual friend and connecting instantly.The model-turned-actress has been single since April, when she dumped actor Jared Leto after four years together.

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