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Model Giglianne Braga, musician Justin Gaston, actors Kara Killmer, Benjamin Elliott, and Amanda Phillips pose at the 'If I Can Dream' house tour and cast meet and greet at a private home in the Hollywood Hills on March 1, 2010 in Los...

Justin Gaston points back at the cameras with his new house mates Amanda Phillips, Giglianne Braga, Benjamin Elliot and Kara Kilmer at the Kilian Kerner Fashion Tent held during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in Bebelplatz, Germany on Friday night (January 22).

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Editor’s Note: We contacted HRC LA Steering Commitee to cover this year 2010 Womens Garden Party but we never got a response.

We also want to officially thanks Deborah Blaine of Blaine & Associates who made it possible for us to cover the 2009 Womens Garden Party in 2009.

More nakedness down below (ha, ha great pervert pun).

I think most of us Alex snaf have accepted the demise of “If I Can Dream” and – especially with Alex’s recent live stream Stickam sessions – barely miss it (correct us if we’re wrong). Instead, visitors are greeted by an empty, white page. If you’re wondering what the dreamers are up to these days, here’s what we know: Ben Elliott and Kara Killmer are still based in LA, still going to auditions, and recently filmed a short film teaser together.

to promote People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the television series that follows aspiring musicians on their way to fame, If I Can Dream.

PETA people are known for nakedness, so it’s easy to figure out the idea here is either vegetarian, stop wearing fur, etc., but beyond that, it’s not really clear which campaign these guys, along with model Giglianne Braga, are promoting, other than bedroom freakiness.

Also some of Aura’s fans took photos, chat with her and congratulated her for her amazing job in writing and sharing her life story.

She took time to autographs all the books the were purchase on the night from her fans/readers and friends.

The 21-year-old musician recently opened up to about his breakup with starlet Miley Cyrus.

He shared, “You can always tell when someone’s getting ready to leave you, but you try so hard not to believe it and to hold on to every bit of hope that’s left.

However, it seems there are still fans of the show that care; as we move further into 2011 – the year “If I Can Dream” was supposed to return for its second season – more and more people are searching the web asking, will it be back? But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that “If I Can Dream” does return (in some shape or form) for a second season… Kara is additionally acting in the Revolve Tour, a show for middle and high school girls that plays at various locations across the US.

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