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However, it only goes back if I hover my mouse over the old point.

I would like this behavior to be automatic - I would imagine that calling update on the chart would work, but I get the error: in my case I'm trying to display a realtime chart.

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After getting the chart to display, I changed the color of points to red if they are clicked.

If the user clicks multiple points, then the older points go back to their original color.

A vertex is matched (or saturated) if it is an endpoint of one of the edges in the matching. A maximal matching is a matching M of a graph G with the property that if any edge not in M is added to M, it is no longer a matching, that is, M is maximal if it is not a subset of any other matching in graph G.

In other words, a matching M of a graph G is maximal if every edge in G has a non-empty intersection with at least one edge in M.

In mathematics, the concept of graph dynamical systems can be used to capture a wide range of processes taking place on graphs or networks.

A major theme in the mathematical and computational analysis of GDSs is to relate their structural properties (e.g.

A more efficient means of changing attributes in the data array.

When restyling, you may choose to have the specified changes effect as many traces as desired.

In this case, the global map F: K This class is referred to as generalized cellular automata since the classical or standard cellular automata are typically defined and studied over regular graphs or grids, and the vertex functions are typically assumed to be identical.

Example: Let Y be the circle graph on vertices with edges , , and , denoted Circ(x,y,z) = (1 x)(1 y)(1 z) with arithmetic modulo 2 for all vertex functions.

So I'd like to update chart whenever a new data point is available. I just don't know how to achieve this via this wrapper.

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