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But be careful landing, the car goes at least 500mph in the air. Also want a monster truck; Type in MONSTERMASH and you will get the MONSTER.

Archived from groups: (More info? I'm trying to get to date Millie, as I need her keycard.

An amateur rapper and an associate of the Families.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action-adventure developed by Rockstar North.

It was originally released on the Play Station 2 back in 2004.

These two passions are what cause his first meeting with CJ, who follows him to a lowrider competition to watch over his sister.

After a brief confrontation, the two strike up a strong, close friendship, which eventually grows into a full-on partnership between the Aztecas and the Families.

I've checked walkthroughs and the newsgroup's archive, and the onlysuggestion I've found is to leave Las Venturas and return.

I've tried afew times, via San Fierro or Los Santos (or both), but no Millie.Do a bunny hop onto the back of the freight train so that you can ride it and stay on the bike.When the train starts to move again the bike will start to slide.Upon his return, CJ must retake control of the streets that have been overrun with gangs and corrupt law enforcement.The game is a full HD remaster of the original classic of the Play Station 2 version of the game.Don’t be mistaken though, the trophy list is still very inclusive and you will need to partake in the majority of the games content in order to achieve the platinum trophy.

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