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Hepatitis C affects people very differently – many people with it may have no symptoms at all and may never know they have the virus.

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Symptoms are often hard to pin down and are frequently blamed on other problems.

They can include: Some of the symptoms may come and go.

I felt like the Bride of Dracula except my hair did not look as good as hers. There is probably nothing you can ever go through that they will not stand beside you and offer strength and hope.

That is because they have had to dig deep within themselves to find their own personal strength. They have looked death in the eye and then shoved it out of their way. You can consider yourself blessed if you are invited to share it with them. I looked fairly good after a blood transfusion and had a little color in my cheeks. I borrowed a few pints of some healthy person’s blood during an emergency transfusion so my cheeks were aglow and energy was high. They were sure that because of his holistic lifestyle, he would be the one for this self-proclaimed nutritional ninja.

["Hi Families" is published by Holt International Children's Services, a U. organization involved in domestic and international adoptions since the 1950s.]How could it possibly happen? Matt, our only child with hepatitis B, had been monitored since he was two-and-a-half-months old. A specialist explained the consequences of hepatitis B, including the risk of liver cancer, the risk of infection for anyone handling the child's body fluids, and the importance of vaccinations for the whole family.

Three generations in our family had been tested and vaccinated for the virus. The doctor was realistic about the panic hepatitis B carriers could cause (in 1984), so we decided to say nothing about Matt's condition for the moment.

How are you supposed to try and win someone’s heart when you are sick? But if you stand by them, you will find out that they can be the most loyal partner, friend and lover you will ever have whether they are undetectable or not.

The side effects may have left you looking like something from a horror film. They know how to look on the bright side of life even when they are in pain.

Epclusa is the first new direct acting antivirals that can be used to treat people with any genotype of hep C.

This will make it simpler for doctors to prescribe this breakthrough treatment.

National Cancer Institute statistics indicate that the five-year survival rates for primary cancers of the liver and intrahepatic bile ducts are exceedingly low in the United States, usually less than 10%.

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