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That won’t change – this blog will always be a male space.

Many are women who want to understand men better, so they come here for unvarnished truth. Search engine terms show how they find this site: Notice a pattern?

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My friends think he's kind of weird and don't understand how we fit together, but I guess we're the "opposites attract" story.

We really complement each other well in a lot of ways, but this difference in personalities might be our undoing. —Social Suzie Submit Your Own Question to a Therapist Thank you for this question.

Here’s how to survive a romantic relationship with an extrovert when you’re very much an introvert: Make sure they know “the signal.” There are times when you’re stuck nodding your head along to someone who isn’t picking up your subtle cues of discomfort when you’ve had more of a party than you can stomach.

The marvelous part about extroverts is they know how to dance their way around a conversation and peace out of a party without appearing rude.

Let them know that you want to and will spend time with them.

Aushra Augusta, a lithuanian psychologist and sociologist has studied extensively the interaction between different types of personalities.

But arm yourself with the right knowledge; and these pairings are amazing. A true introvert always feels drained after dealing with others. Many love people, have friends, and live active social lives. But with that said, introverted guys are NOT the same as extroverted men. But he also craves his alone time like water or air.

But some of my strongest relationships have been with extrovert girls. Struggling to understand your quiet, introverted man? I’ll show you how to build a rock-solid relationship with him… An introvert is a person who loses energy when interacting with other people. Just know that there differences – not all are the same. If you know your man’s specific type, you’ll understand him better. Some introverts are indistinguishable from extroverts in social situations; many are super-charming. Others may take on extroverted jobs to strengthen their social skills.

He's pretty much a hermit, actually, and he would admit to that.

He does not like it when I host, not at all, as it "forces" him to be social.

He also hates it when I drag him out to social events.

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