Illustrated coin dating guide for the eastern world

Bruce Smith has been a collector and researcher of Chinese Coins for over 30 years.

In 1974-1977, he worked for Krause Publications as Editorial Assistant on . In 1988-1989, he studied in China as a student of China Studies in Chengchow (Zhengzhou) University, Henan province. Smith was a graduate student at Harvard University.

In 1994-1998, he was the editor of The Journal of East Asian Numismatics (JEAN).

A large gouge is visible just above the right-most talon of the eagle’s left leg, noted in the image by the arrow.

Because this die line sits within a recess of the coin, it is visible on both low-grade and high-grade examples alike.

In 1994, The Journal of East Asian Numismatics (JEAN) was founded by Michael Chou, the CEO of Champion Auction and Bruce Smith, a noted numismatist in numismatic field.

It is a professional numismatic academic journal whose mission is to educate more collectors and researchers on the subjects of Chinese numismatics, culture and history.

During the lifetime of Muhammad, Arabia did not issue its own coins, and coins are rarely mentioned in the Qur’an.

For commerce, gold coins from the Byzantine Empire and silver ones from Persia were circulating, but they were used as bullion by weight rather than as coins with a fixed and often arbitrary value.

The first issue of JEAN was released in July 1994, and the last issue (18th issue) in 1998.

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