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Testing Tools are used to determine whether the messages exchanged with a Web service conform to WS-I guidelines.The Open Stage phone family consists of the SIP phones shown on the right.If you are new to Google Cloud Storage and will not be using the API directly, consider using the Google Cloud Platform Console to set and manage transfers.

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Sample applications serve as working examples for developers looking to follow the WS-I guidelines in their programming environment of choice.

To date, WS-I has delivered eleven implementations of the WS-I Sample Application for the Basic Profile.

The next meeting of the IWG will be held in mid-February 2015, date and time TBD.

All are welcome to join the meeting through Web Ex, below you will find the login information.

To take full advantage of Google Cloud Storage, follow the steps for a full migration.

A full migration from Amazon S3 to Google Cloud Storage requires a few extra steps than a simple migration, but the benefit is that you can use all the features of Google Cloud Storage, including support for service accounts, multiple projects, and OAuth 2.0 for authentication. In a simple migration from Amazon S3 to Google Cloud Storage, you can use your existing tools and libraries for generating authenticated REST requests to Amazon S3, to also send authenticated requests to Google Cloud Storage.

To date, WS-I has finalized the Basic Profile, Attachments Profile and Simple SOAP Binding Profile.

Work on a Basic Security Profile is currently underway.

The OSEHRA Interoperability Working Group (IWG) is aimed at promoting the importance of interoperability and information exchange testing within the Health IT industry.

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