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Our day-to-day activities take us to every corner of the island, and we always take a camera. Get in-depth views of tours and day trips, both on and off the island. Take a virtual excursion to Phuket’s neighbours – Phi Phi Island, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, or Coral Island (among others).

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Then they wheeled the howitzer around on its wheels, pointing the barrel toward the howling darkness beyond.“This gun is so precise it’s like shooting at point blank range,” Klock said.

“I could hit a rock at 1,000 yards.”But at that moment he was relying on carefully calibrated coordinates to fire on the first target on his list: a popular ski run that is also a potential avalanche path. ” and the fearsome gun roared, lifting off the ground.

Use it for research before travelling, a quick fix between trips or reminiscing of your holiday in paradise.

Sharing Phuket with the world isn’t a job – it’s a passion.

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As a lightning storm pummeled the surrounding countryside before dawn, they took the wraps off the World War II-era weapon, then set to work methodically checking its sights, barrel and mounts. Hinges groaned as Karl opened a heavy steel door to reveal a basement room known as the “wine rack.”That’s because unarmed projectiles are stored horizontally in its walls like wine bottles.

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