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C., during the ’70s and ’80s, where murders were common, crack cocaine was just getting its start and homelessness was at its peak.It wasn’t a good environment, but it was home for Batista, an admitted loner who shoplifted, stole bikes, fought regularly and ran away from home. Hinx chases 007 through the snowy mountains of Austria and they have a hellacious fight aboard a speeding train in the new 007 film (in theaters now for the Brits, Nov. One of their best encounters, though, is in Rome where Hinx races after Bond's Aston Martin DB10 in a super-fast Jaguar C-X75, as seen in the below clip."I drove it actually more than I was comfortable driving it for some of the shots.

He might be one of the toughest guys in the WWE, but Dave Bautista has revealed that he got all choked up when he learned he'd got his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The wrestler, who works under the name Batista in the ring, is seen speaking about getting the role of Drax in a new DVD retrospective of his career called Batista: The Animal Unleashed.

At the time, Bautista tweeted that O’Neil should leave WWE.

The tidbit that stuck out most to me was that Bautista answered a question about the possibility of WWE unionization by saying “It’ll never happen … Professional wrestlers, we’re not even real employees, we’re independent contractors.” The latter point is precisely why unionization would be a palatable option for the performers, if they were willing and able to organize for their greater good. He answered: The word “union” came up many times in my career, but the deal is that top guys get taken such good care of and middle guys are okay. I heard years and years ago that Jesse Ventura was interested in helping to form a wrestlers’ union, but for whatever reason it didn’t materialize.

But it wasn’t always that way for the 38-year-old wrestling superstar, and the climb to the top took a heavy toll on his personal life.

Batista, whose real name is Dave Bautista, admittedly grew up on the wrong side of the tracks – in his case, the worst part of Washington, D.

This holds him back, as does his relationship with Melina and the belief that his speaking abilities are sub-par.

Character aside, it’s been said that Mc Mahon doesn’t respect Morrison as a man.

Guys at the bottom, you know, are the guys at the bottom. I don’t think the wrestlers will ever have a union.

So, you’re never gonna get true unity because the guys on top are making too much money to side with everyone else and forego their well-being. As an entity, they would need a lot of outside counsel and organizers.

‘I’m reading the rumours just like everyone else’, he admitted.

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