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Electronically reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.] are sequences of characters and symbols that define a set of strings.They are useful for validating input and ensuring that data is in a particular format.

For example, a ZIP code must consist of five digits, and a last name must contain only letters, spaces, apostrophes and hyphens.

One application of regular expressions is to facilitate the construction of a compiler.

This tutorial is intended for students and developers who are familiar with basic Java string-processing techniques. [Note: This tutorial is an excerpt (Section 29.7) of Chapter 29, Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions, from our textbook Java How to Program, 6/e.

This tutorial may refer to other chapters or sections of the book that are not included here. and Paul J., JAVA HOW TO PROGRAM, ©2005, pp.1378-1387.

Constraints on static fields are not supported, though.

If your model class adheres to the Java Beans standard, it is also possible to annotate the properties of a bean class instead of its fields.

Often, a large and complex regular expression is used to validate the syntax of a program.

If the program code does not match the regular expression, the compiler knows that there is a syntax error within the code.

Input validation is performed to ensure only properly formed data is entering the workflow in an information system, preventing malformed data from persisting in the database and triggering malfunction of various downstream components.

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