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I didn’t know if I would enjoy it, but I just loved it and am growing to love it more.” Suzannah, 47, agrees: “There are hundreds of thousands of women who lose their mothers, but how many of those will live through the experience that we’ve just been through – seeing our mother portrayed as a young girl, in a time before we knew her?It feels like a very special privilege, and in a way it has helped us cope with her loss.

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by Taylor Sheridan, an official selection of the Premieres program at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

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Anyway, I was at a party where I ran into some members of the casting team. Niels, I read a bit about your new career with Art of Attraction on your blog, but can you give me a summary of your life as a dating coach? The first one is all about first impressions, teaching guys how to walk up to a stranger confidently, start a fun, flirty, interesting conversation.

I'm actually friends with Ankur from Season 2, he's in my department at Berkeley. Actually, when I went in to do my interview, they said I was "-like." I'm unaware of that fact.

Take opener ‘blind’, where Lindberg’s breathy vocal is accompanied by little more than a bass guitar plodding eerily away on the periphery, as though swaying to the rhythm of a sacramental censer filled with narcotics. ’ it only ever seems to be building towards anticlimax (and unhurriedly, at that) yet it remains a tantalisingly evocative and esoteric piece. After a certain point, the languid, lucid-dream R&B of ‘he fresh’ (“He’s so fresh, he’s so fresh, he’s so fresh,”) begins to sound less like a refrain and more like an incantation, while the agitated post-punk of ‘riot’ and ‘white devil’ lend a more clamorous, diabolical air, the latter culminating in Lindberg and her friend Kris Byerly screaming the title with increasing rage and malevolence.

Elsewhere, Lindberg broadens her scope to include elements of austere 80s goth and darkwave – witness the chilly early-Cure guitar work on ‘never’, or the skittering, skeletal disco of ‘offerings’, lifting slyly from both Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ and The Beatles’ ‘Something’ – but many of the album’s strengths and weaknesses are shared by Warpaint themselves. Some more of that aggression and animation wouldn’t have gone amiss here, but Lindberg and her bandmates have always dealt in a currency of distant, unknowable cool – why throw open the doors at this point?

Don’t be deceived by that exclamation mark on the end of the title: Jenny Lee Lindberg’s ‘right on!

’ has many qualities to recommend it, but a great sense of urgency isn’t among them.

Having dated guitarist Emly Kokal for three years, he is close friends with the band, and has even mixed their Exquisite Corpse EP.

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