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It is a culture of institutional injustice that is preventing doctors from seeking help for fear of being ensnared and monitored by them.

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We also host two private and confidential Facebook support forums, just send a message to the Heartland Facebook page asking to be added. Caracole is non-smoking, physically accessible, on the bus line, has a parking lot, is child friendly, and has two all-gender bathrooms.

The entrance is located through the parking lot off Knowlton Street.

For children under the age of 13, a parent, guardian, or adult advocate may be requested to be present as an additional support to the child.

CTCG socials are generally suitable for all ages, unless otherwise specified. Trans* Night is for trans* (anyone under the transgender or transsexual umbrella, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, fluid, and gender questioning/processing umbrella) people only.

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