Kate bosworth who is she dating

The Win a Date contest was cooked up by Tad's agent, Richard Levy, and his manager, also named Richard Levy, to clean up Tad's bad-boy image. It isn't great or original but fans of the genre should enjoy it.

Someone should have told them to be careful what you wish for. The film works better than it should thanks to its young and charming cast.

Kate Bosworth and her date for the night, film financier Ryan Kavanaugh, were seen getting cozy at Saturday’s Art of Elysium charity gala in Los Angeles.

When Tad meets Rosalee and gets a taste of what he's been missing in the real world, he decides he wants seconds and moves to West Virginia, turning Rosalee's dream come true into a nightmare for Richard Levy, Richard Levy and, most of all, Pete. They all play likable characters and you will be rooting for them.

hottie Alexander Skarsgard and shopping for baby clothes this weekend. Erin believes that she's famous for being famous and Amanda points to the many movies she's made over the years — including her star-making turn as a hot surfer in — and her omnipresence on red carpets as the source of her fame. Amanda: Lots of people these days are famous for nothing — hello Kim Kardashian — but Kate Bosworth is actually talented.

Or, at least she was talented (or pretty) enough to score roles in not only .

She's also photogenic and makes sure to appear at lots of events where her photos is taken, ensuring placement in magazines and gossip blogs, which raises her profile. It's like she took a page out of the “How To Be A Starlet” bible — she's doing everything right.

And whether her goal is more tabloid photos and paparazzi on her tail or more actual roles in films or TV, it hardly matters.

The cycle of being famous because you're famous has already begun.

Since the Alexander incident, though, I’ve been reading some sketchy stuff about her. In addition to the non-existent relationship with food, there are also those loud rumours alleging the use of appetite suppressants. There is nothing solid to suggest they are dating, but she is willing it. Kate pulled the same sh-t with Jim Sturgess during production for 21. Jim however, sweetie, was unresponsive to her wiles. [From Lainey Gossip] Meanwhile Stacie, who is a certified Orlando Bloom-loonie and official friend of Celebitchy, also has some thoughts about Kate.

Kate was absolutely trying to make sure everyone knew that she was with him. He was holding her hand, and they were giggly and getting close.” While I thought Kate seemed like a nice enough person, I didn’t really know enough about her to make an informed opinion. My sources tell me as of 3 weeks ago, Skarsgard was still with Evan Rachel Wood. But Kate has supposedly been working it relentlessly on set, tearfully pretending to lean on him for support every time she gets into an argument with that nefarious model James Rousseau with whom she’s had an on/off romance the last 3 years.

Over the weekend, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard set tongues wagging with their appearance at the Scream Awards. I had never heard that stuff about Tom Cruise and Bosworth – I did, however, hear it about Scarlett Johansson.

According to sources, they were “very affectionate” and “holding hands as Alexander played with Kate’s hair while they chatted with friends in the green room.” Kate even “playfully slapped him on his butt a few times.” Is it getting hot in here? Here’s my question – why kind of girl does Alexander Skarsgard really like?

Whether the relationships were legit (ex: Jessica Biel) or only whispered about (ex: Kate Bosworth?!

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