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In anticipation of the new season, we've rounded up our favorite routine from each and every "SYTYCD" winner.

In a season filled with amazing dancers — Katee Shean, Joshua Allen, t Witch, Chelsie Hightower and Chelsie Hightower — season four finalist Mark Kanemura is the only one whose career I actively follow.

It’s partly because Mark spent the last year, sequined shoulder to sequined shoulder, with Lady Ga Ga on her Monster Ball Tour. But I’m obviously not the only one smitten with Mark since “So You Think You Can Dance” has asked him to return as one of their All-Star’s on the show’s seventh season.

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Before he returns to the show that made him famous tonight, I caught up with Mark to see how the nerves were doing, what touring with Lady Ga Ga is like and why fans tend to beat him up.

Pop Wrap: How do you feel about returning to the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage?

His fantasy begins with Katee flirtatiously talking to him, but the fantasy turned confusing with the appearance of Bernadette and George Takei.

This experience helped Howard to muster the courage to talk and later got back together with Bernadette. Koothrappali ‧ Stephanie Barnett ‧ Lucy ‧ Mary Cooper ‧ Zack Johnson ‧ Beverly Hofstadter ‧ Mike Rostenkowski ‧ Alex Jensen ‧ Professor Proton ‧ Missy Cooper ‧ Dan ‧ Josh Wolowitz ‧ Dennis Kim ‧ Althea Davis ‧ Jeanie ‧ Cinnamon ‧ Mrs.

He managed to produce hip hop that was sweet (Sabra and Dominic's "Make It Work"), scary (Kayla and Jason's "They're Everywhere"), and stylish (the Matrix-y "Get Up" group routine).

Still, his best-known routine still stands out from the rest, a Transformers-themed number from season three ...

Katee guest stared in two episode (S3E9: "The Vengeance Formulation" & S4E4: "The Hot Troll Deviation") of The Big Bang Theory.

In both episodes, she acted as Howard's masturbatory fantasies, both attempts of masturbation ended in failure, thanks to Mrs. Although Katee is a manifestation of Howard's imagination, he doesn't have full control over her or his fantasies.

PW: But that means she won’t be able to choreograph individual routines this season, bummed? I think that routine was the reason I felt so happy leaving that week. So I feel like she pulled that performance out of me. Mark: The story itself is crazy because I couldn’t go to the audition.

Whatever.) It's so good to have it back - and here are our top 14 to reminds us what we've been missing!

In "The Vengeance Formulation" (S3E9), Katee acted as Howard's fantasy and question him about Bernadette.

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