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And as my audiences get bigger, it's harder to accommodate everyone post show - and still get out on time. Well, hello citizens of Montreal - or people who just happen to be in Montreal this week. I'm doing stand-up - and have my own show at the Mainline Theatre this week. I would not wait on tickets - as they're selling well, and I'm only doing one show per city. And MONTREAL AND TORONTO - I will be coming to both "Just For Laughs" festivals this year - and those tickets are on sale now! Something special for the completists who will buy this. My Netflix Original Special "I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)" (which don't even get me started is not a show about being single. It's a thing people would say to me when I tell them I don't have kids. ITUNES or BANDCAMPIt's only .99 and you'll get 27 tracks of fun. This is my third return to the fantastic return to the SOHO THEATRE and even though I was just playing there in November of 2015 - you'll be getting an all new show from me.

The meet and greets that I've always done - are not part of my contract or ticket price. Unfortunately, there are some people who have anonymously threatened me online before a show, or called venues to protest, and sometimes people are just very drunk and like to touch places that I have not authorized them to touch! I stopped doing meet and greets post show because it's hell on my voice. So, when I found out that OMG VIP works with me to sell my merch, carry it all for me, organize meet and greets and they get paid through some of the cost of the meet and greet? Think of it this way - due to voice issues, crowd control, and other things, I wasn't going to be able to do post-show meets anyway. I've done three shows so far and only have two left! Both shows are selling pretty well and it's a small space - so I highly recommend booking in advance - although about 20 seats should be available at the door. Tell a friend - or better yet, buy the book for a friend. You can click into the TOUR DATES section of this very website to see the links for every show. I'm doing stand-up for you - no fancy one-woman show. This was a show that is a little different than my regular stand-up - it's presented as six short stories.

I've done them just because I'm the greatest person who ever lived, obviously. And, in 2015, I was touring with very damaged vocal chords and it was that year that my ENT told me - no more extra talking on the road except for the show. This way - you get a 20-30 minute pre-show event with me, say hi, get a professional picture, and sure, one from your phone, an exclusive signed tour poster, a laminate, a cool tote bag (designed by me) and maybe one other fun merchandise surprise. If you bring a book to my show - make it known to the front of house staff and I'll sign it from the stage! I so appreciate everyone who has come up to me over the years and have been so lucky over the past 8 years to meet so many of you in person. Indie Bound / indie bookstores: Barnes & Noble Books A Million Amazon Hey, gang! I write a personal email and then a small team of people help me put it together each week to bring up the most updated info, links, tour date, Mail Chimp does not give your info to spammers, and people running my free giveaways that happen with lots of my email blasts. It makes it so much easier and I put so much effort into getting the word out - I would love if you could join in! I had a fantastic time returning to some of those cities for a 4th and 5th time. I would like to thank Leon Weinstein for this very generous review he wrote about the show.

Vera Int-Veen ist eine bekannte TV Moderatorin, die für Herzlichkeit, Hilfe und Großherzigkeit im Fernsehformat steht.

"Ich freue mich, wenn ich andere motivieren und untersttzen kann", sagt Vera und die Sendung "Helfer mit Herz" passt einfach perfekt zu dieser sympathischen Frau.

The L Word was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, at Coast Mountain Films Studio, as well as on location in Los Angeles, California. Contemporary use of the phrase "the L word" as an alias for lesbian dates to at least the 1981 play My Blue Heaven by Jane Chambers, in which a character stammers out: "You're really...? Lord God, I never met one before." Season 1 premiered in the United States on January 18, 2004, on Showtime and featured 13 episodes presenting several entwined story lines.

The studio was once owned by and named for Dufferin Gate Productions, the sister company to Temple Street Productions, the Canadian producer of the U. Set in West Hollywood, the series first introduces Bette Porter and Tina Kennard, a couple with a seven-year relationship who want to have a child.

Jennifer Beals Erin Daniels Leisha Hailey Laurel Holloman Marlee Matlin Eric Lively Eric Mabius Rose Rollins Katherine Moennig Pam Grier Mia Kirshner Daniela Sea Kate French Rachel Shelley Karina Lombard Lauren Lee Smith Elizabeth Keener Kristanna Loken Alexandra Hedison Sarah Shahi and Dallas Roberts The L Word is an American/Canadian co-production television drama series portraying the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, connections, family, and lovers in the trendy Greater Los Angeles, California city of West Hollywood.

The series originally ran on Showtime from January 18, 2004 to March 8, 2009, and subsequently in syndication on Logo and through on-demand services.

The fourth season of the television series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered September 27, 2002 and ended May 16, 2003 on NBC.

This was the last season of the series to air on Friday nights at 10pm/9c.

Da haben die Schauspiel-Kollegen imm Jahre 2010 nicht schlecht geschaut, als Amber Heard auf dem 25.

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