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“Now we can tell them which photos they should share and which they should probably keep to themselves.”So if you're unsure whether certain pictures will help (or hinder) your online dating game and need a little push in the right direction, look no further.Here's how to pick the best photos for your dating profile — because first impressions If you're normally not the sporty type, no need to fake it but, according to the Hinge data, photos of people participating in sports performed 75 percent better than the average photo.

Photos of people having fun on a night out with friends got 74 percent more likes than the average picture, Hinge found.

Bonus: now you and your friends have an even better excuse to snap a million hot Instas when you go out together.

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Hinge released a Profile Picture Report that reveals exactly which kinds of pictures will be a guaranteed hit (or miss) on dating profiles.

Hinge data scientists assigned 35 unique photo tags (like: hair up versus hair down) to a random sampling of a thousand photos, then they analyzed how often the photos were liked by other users.“Since Hinge profiles are designed to show off our Members’ personalities, we want to help them put their best foot forward with their photos,” Hinge spokesperson Jean-Marie Mc Grath tells Bustle.

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