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Also, I don’t think I am a lesbian or a bisexual person or anything of that sort. I hope this doesn’t sound too cliché, but I don’t know if my college experiences qualify as legit experiences to which attribute how I classify myself sexually. At times, I feel like I got stuck in the fab of being temporarily into women (my friend in college fell into the same pattern, I feel like we did that together just for the fun of it because we were so bored with ourselves, as awful as that sounds). Let me tell you how I know you’re probably bisexual or a lesbian.


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You may have heard about how on Monday, the police shut down a drum ’n’ bass rave that commenced at about 10.p.m. You may have also seen the video of a girl walking onto this initially empty train, a bit baffled, before gleefully dancing as if no one was watching shortly after.

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