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We can sit here and talk about relationships and the fuckery of millennial dating all day long.

And before it was brought to my attention, I never really considered the relationship challenges and dynamics for those who are in the military–namely, how they’re different from the average relationship.

All of that, I’ll absolutely elaborate on more soon.

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Both Bautista and Snow deliver strong performances in could not be more timely.

The themes that Murnion and Milott explore here, as well the breakout performances of both of its co-stars, make for a solidly entertaining and thought-provoking experience, even if as a writer/director/co-star) attempting suicide as she finds her life as a wife and mother unfulfilling, often putting her own wants and desires on hold in order to meet the needs of her demanding family, which includes four kids and a husband (Jason Ritter) who spends more time at the office than he does at home.

And she’s just really kind of chill and on the side,” Palka says of her character, who’s been dubbed “Vicki the Viking” on the show for her Nordic features.slate of strong and empowered female characters has struck a chord with audiences.

It’s gained high praise from critics and fans alike for the diversity of its cast, its broad depictions of women, and the way it dismantles stereotypes.

After hitting her breaking point, Palka’s character evolves into a canine-like creature, taking up residence in the basement, snarling and snapping at anyone who comes near her, all while covered in her own filth and feces. I get it, being a mother and a wife is easily one of the hardest roles anyone will play in their lifetime, with the amount of self-sacrifice being immeasurable at times.

But it is Palka’s approach to the material that left me cold, with her character’s family often making her mental breakdown the butt of their jokes, and taking their own sweet time to get her the professional help that she needs.

Plus, we think we have it rough with maintaining a relationship.

Just imagine the physical, mental, and emotional strains these guys and their partners endure.

Press Release: New York (May 9, 2017) - MPI Media Group announced today that it has acquired multi-territory rights to BITCH, a dark and unsettling dramedy from writer-director Marianna Palka, who also stars alongside Jason Ritter.

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